Potential and security

We have been operating since 1997. We generate a turnover of approx. PLN 10 million ¹. We have a production potential of approx. 1.6 million items per year ², we have a secure financial standing ³ and an insured trade credit ⁴. We are insured against accidents for the amount of PLN 3.8 million. We are located on the area of 1.7 thousand. m² . We deliver products that meet the standards of serial production to over 40 OEM customers from Poland, Scandinavia and Western Europe.

We connect with Sati Group

We have started the process of connecting with the hose manufacturer – Sati Group, our current supplier, which has 50 years of experience, serves over 1,700 customers from 50 countries around the world and generates a turnover of approximately € 40 million per year. It has production facilities in Italy and Turkey. The head office is located in Bologna and covers an area of over 20,000 square meters. The commercial offer includes industrial hoses, rubber bands, conveyor belts and seals.

Advanced production

It takes place on automatic lines, supported by Cloud Computing technology, which manages the processes of unwinding, measuring, cutting hoses, surface printing and label printers. We constantly monitor the production load (CPT: 67%) ⁵ , which are delivered on time (DOT: 93%), ensuring high quality workmanship (FPY: 99.8%) ⁶ . We have implemented a three-stage quality control. We have a valid ISO 90017 certificate and we develop in the area of Lean Manufacturing.

Corporate standards

We have developed a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) business model. We have developed a development path based on the Tuckman model and defined the place where we are currently. We set short and long-term goals as part of the Hosin Kanri model (so-called Strategy Deployment). We have implemented a code of business ethics (compliance) promoting standards of honesty, respect and compliance with the law by our employees. We constantly monitor 28 company parameters (so-called KPIs), which we discuss during quarterly meetings of the Management Board and Management.

ISO 9001:2015-10

We have a valid certificate, the implementation of which has contributed to the optimization of our production process, quality control, supplier evaluation, implementation of key KPI parameters and the adoption of short and long-term goals.

Lean Manufacturing

We have adopted the objectives of the production process management and quality control system to provide our customers with products that meet high requirements, and at the same time produce them by fighting all waste and eliminating unnecessary operations on our side.

Code of Ethics / Compliance

We have implemented a code of business ethics (compliance) promoting the standards of honesty, respect and compliance with the law by our employees to meet high European standards.

Chief Labor Inspector's Award

We received the Chief Labor Inspector’s award for achievements in the field of supervision and control of compliance with labor law, prevention of occupational hazards and safety of labor law, which was verified during a several-month audit.

¹ Data for 2022
² For PVC hoses with steel spiral, DN19, L=1.5mt, spiral cutting and surface printing included
³ Euler Hermes report of October 12, 2022
⁴ Current insurance with Euler Hermes
⁵ Data for 2022
⁶ Data for 2022
⁷ Certificate valid until August 30, 2024